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14th February 2017

Free booklet shows how to profit from water activity analysis


The ‘Water Activity Tools' booklet will be useful for anyone with an interest in food quality and food safety

Labcell is offering a free ‘Water Activity Tools' booklet that shows how food manufacturers can benefit from using water activity analysis to solve problems relating to production and quality.

Written by world-leading experts at Decagon Devices (METER GROUP), the company behind the AquaLab family of water activity analysers, the full-colour, 12-page booklet introduces the concept of water activity and explains how it is fundamentally different from moisture content; it then goes on to present a series of five real-life case studies.

Each case study is divided into three sections to outline the scenario and problem to be solved, the science of water activity and how it influences the problem being studied, and the solution that was implemented and the benefits for the manufacturer.

Water activity is the only moisture-related measurement that is an accepted HACCP critical control point. By understanding and monitoring water activity, manufacturers can gain more control over their product's taste, texture, safety and shelf life without having to rely on rule-of-thumb, experience or expensive preservatives. In many cases, manufacturing a product to a specified water activity rather than moisture content results in significant improvements in profitability or shelf life, or avoids production problems such as caking and clumping.

The ‘Water Activity Tools' booklet will be useful for anyone with an interest in food quality and food safety, ranging from students and technicians new to the field, through to quality managers, production managers and food scientists involved in new product development.

To request a copy of the ‘Water Activity Tools' booklet, or for further information on the Labcell range telephone Labcell on +44 (0)1420 568150, emailmail@labcell.comor go


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