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Fuzzy Valentines Tips

Valentine’s day can be a bit of a challenge to manage.  It’s important enough to be recognised, but it’s close enough to Christmas for many people to be still watching their pennies.  Fortunately there are still some affordable ways to make Valentine’s day special.


Have a breakfast treat


Given that Valentine’s day falls on a Tuesday this year, a full-scale breakfast in bed is unlikely to be an option for many people.  You can, however, still perk up your loved one’s day by organising an extra treat for them to take with them as they head out the door.  It’s probably best to avoid anything with frosted icing (like many cupcakes) but Danish pastries, muffins and even bars/small boxes of chocolates are all easy to slip in a bag and to eat on the go. 


Lunch out


If you can manage this logistically, lunch out can be a very affordable Valentine’s day treat when compared to dinner.  One hour might be a bit of a short time frame for a leisurely lunch, but if you’re able to negotiate for two hours, then you could be on to a winner.  Just make sure you don’t get carried away with a lunch time glass of wine or too big of a meal or your loved one could be snoozing their way to a P45..


A special packed lunch


Even if your standard approach to lunch is to grab some kind of meal deal and eat at your desk, Valentine’s day gives you the opportunity to create something a little more special.  Obviously what you do will depend on your loved one’s taste and what kind of facilities they have at work, but putting a bit of effort into presentation can work wonders.  You can pick up heart shaped cutters or post-it notes for that special, romantic message.


A cosy evening together


We know that Valentine’s day is the day when many couples like to head out for a romantic meal together and if that’s you, we hope you enjoy it, although the cynics amongst us would say you’re spending the evening paying more for your meal surrounded by couples who are they because they feel like they have to be..  If, however, you’d prefer to wait until restaurants are a little quieter (and indeed cheaper), you can still organise a cosy evening in - perhaps a romantic, home-cooked meal and a film?  We’re not advocating a Netflix & Chill more Chickflix & fill! Why not try cooking together? Pick a recipe neither of you has tried before and see what magic you can create..


A pamper pack


When you can’t be together but you still want to let someone know you care, send them a little pamper pack to show you’re thinking of them.  At this time of year, lip scrub and lip balm are always good bets and you can also pop a packet of lovehearts. After that, your options depend on your loved one’s taste and your budget.  If you’re not sure, head to a decent pharmacist or supermarket and look for the travel-sized toiletries, they’re handy for carrying around as well as for travelling and if you pick a few different options, you have a good chance of getting it right with at least some of them.  Don’t forget that special little note to say how much you care.




This is a tricky one as everyone know how expensive roses can be, but why not do something different?


Daffodils are available this time of year and always look so bright and cheerful as do tulips, so a spring bunch wouldn’t break the bank but will make her smile.  Or you could get a potted rose that will last long after cupid has flown away...

Don't forget though if you're having a moment of passion use a Fuzzy Brush or Fuzzy Rock to make sure your mouth is fresh!
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