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What is wrong with the word F word…You know, Feminism?

Ruqayya Daville

The Conscious Feminist Coach



Ruqayya Daville



What is wrong with the word F word...You know, Feminism?

Does Feminism need a conscious re-brand?


A Survivor of domestic violence and one of the UK's "Leading Evolutionaries" according to a Dragon Den's Judge, challenges us to re-examine feminism.

Feminist Expert Ruqayya Daville says - Let's define feminism for what it really is.

It's evident that women's issues, and challenging inequality is in the spotlight lately with the Women's March and on the 8thMarch International Women's Day whose theme for 2017 is focused on#BeBoldForChange

Change what? you may ask. Well the call is to help forge a better working world - a more gender inclusive world.

  • Women are still earning less than men

  • Increase in women experiencing sexual assault

  • Girls are growing up subject to sexism

So the role of the feminism is very much alive, however why has it become a buzz word rather than a movement of human rights? Has feminism become less of a positive movement and more of a bad attitude? Rolling of the eyes when you even mention you are a feminist.

Google define feminism as ‘The advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men'

I want to discuss the viewpoint of a conscious feminist.

Women are leaders, healers, teachers, lovers, mothers, — with the innate power of being inclusive, intuitive, empathic & nurturing. 

  • Feminism to me is to give women permission and encouragement to simply be themselves, by reclaiming and redefining what it means to be a woman in their own lives.

  • Then encourage them to lead and decide how to meaningfully define feminism within themselves and contribute in their own, unique ways to the movement. This is conscious feminism. How they are going to consciously lead, be a role model and become the vehicle of change.

  • The amazing thing about being a conscious feminist is that it is for everyone, including men.


In my work as a business and life coach to women, I get to talk to a lot of women about feminism, because part of my work is about getting them to create a life or business that is undeniably them.

Recently in a rebranding session, my client defined feminism as this ‘I felt it is more about being recognised for my talents and leveraging my gifts to serve in an authentic and just way, adding to this that I would recognise others talents and gifts equally.'

This is conscious feminism!


Ruqayya Daville is a conscious feminist leadership coach, spiritual and business mentor who is devoted to serve and help women to 'SHOW UP' by reclaiming and redefining what it means to BE A WOMAN and to guide them to re connect to their true WORTH and become CONSCIOUS LEADERSin their own life and business.

In 2016 she was named as one of the 144 UK's leading evolutionaries by Source TV and Rachel Elnaugh (BBC Dragon's Den & founder of Red Letter Days)



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Ruqayya Daville


Notes to editors:

  • Ruqayya Daville is the creator of the Diva Philosophy for living and business

  • The company was founded in 2015

  • Drawing on her unique experience as survivor of domestic violence and a successful business woman, she loves to inspire women to lead from their feminine, to own their magnetic authenticity whilst shaping the way they relate to their worth which is simply by being who they really are.

  • She was recently named one of the 144 UK's leading evolutionaries by Source_TV and Rachel Elnaugh (BBC Dragon's Den & founder of Red Letter Days)