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Connect, inform and inspire staff with LED displays


New Year - New Plans - New Motivational Signs

Connect, inform and inspire your staff with LED displays

With the festivities behind us, many companies and organisations will be keen to press on with their business plans for 2017. Success comes from getting employees on side, ensuring they are clear about key communications objectives and targets and committed to the organisation's plans going forward. LED displays in the form of ticker displays or large LED screens in the workplace can get the message across, simply and visually.


Visually impactful and instantly memorable, LED signs and displays are ideal for promoting new objectives, strategies, targets and exciting plans for the year ahead through short information bursts or ‘newsbytes'.


LED ticker signs with their text-only format provide a clear and concise medium for communicating current news and important messages to update people quickly. They are also ideal for displaying progress against targets and for announcements of new contracts, orders etc.


Alternatively, full colour LED displays, with the option of graphic and video content, provide the additional WOW factor to inspire employees by engaging their minds and emotions.


Messagemaker's eye-catching and versatile displays have successfully been installed into diverse locations including offices, factories, workshops, reception areas, staff restaurants. Typical applications include motivational displays for sharing and displaying progress on targets and goal setting, celebrating team and individual achievements, personal successes or promotions, as well as sharing exciting new company developments. Large and multiple screen solutions, with the capability to stream information or broadcasts in real time are also extensively used by financial institutions and call centres, where keeping up to date with the latest market information is essential.


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