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The Truth Behind 75% of Sickness Absence




Nikki Roy

Body Mechanics Remedial Ltd

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One simple step to reduce office sick days


  • 75% of sickness absence is due to stress or musculoskeletal disorders (MSD's) and 40% of those days lost are attributable to work related illness (source: Health and Safety Executive 2014/15)

  • There is a gap in current healthcare system between the NHS, which is a free resource but overburdened and Private Health Insurance, which is circumscribed by cost. With an aging population and ever fewer resources, this gap will widen

  • The suggestion is that employers are asked to increase their level of investment in employee health and wellbeing programmes as part of their corporate social responsibility and HR best practice

  • That health and wellbeing programmes should be part of an organisation's business strategy

  • Body Mechanics Remedial work with businesses to deliver tailored health and wellbeing programmes on-site to employees. They include massage, nutrition plans, Pilates and personal training programmes

  • Body Mechanics Remedial stands to support employers in being proactive towards employees health and wellbeing - ‘prevention is better than cure'



For every £1 spent on health and wellbeing programmes, the organisation recovered £4.17 in programme benefits (source: Health Work Wellbeing study in collaboration with PWC)


Case study infographic for global email marketing company, showing:

100% say it helps maintain their general health and wellbeing

93% of staff attending regularly

50% use the service to help manage stress

22% use it for treatment of a specific injury

87% say it helps their working performance







Company founded in 2012 by Nikki Roy. Company helps people lead active, pain free lives. Also helps employers boost productivity and profitability through health and wellbeing programmes. Clients are cross sector. Company slogan is ‘re-balance and re-energise'



Notes to editors:

  • Company founded as a direct response to Nikki Roy suffering a work related back injury and being then made aware of the lack of employer support and investment in employee health in the workplace

  • Left a 12 year corporate sales career, to train as a Massage Therapist and to set up Body Mechanics Remedial

  • Company has expanded its offering from massage alone to comprehensive health and wellbeing programmes