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Somerset’s Blackdown Shepherd Huts business flourishes in 2017







Somerset's Blackdown Shepherd Huts business flourishes in 2017


Blackdown Shepherd Huts, based in Somerset, which make luxury outdoor living solutions in the form of bespoke and self build shepherd huts, has become a business to be reckoned with in the South West during the past five years. As they move in to the orders for huts in 2017, Will Vickery, who runs the hand-crafted shepherd huts business, is seeing an increase in the number of requests for huts for both commercial and residential use.


Will explains: ‘Blackdown Shepherd Huts started off as a small business and now are responding to a global market, with customers are contacting Blackdown from throughout the UK and beyond. Whilst our huts continue to be bought by customers in the UK and overseas for both commercial and residential purposes, we are keen to continue to focus on design, quality, and customer service. We're all about quality and each bespoke hut takes about 8 months to produce. We know that our customers appreciate that our efforts are focused on them and their requirements, rather than mass producing shepherd's huts that are not bespoke or unique.


‘Blackdown is a luxury brand and highly innovative company; we're always thinking of new ideas to further improve our products, meaning that customers will always be buying a shepherd hut that has been built by expert craftsmen and women in our own workshops.'


Blackdown also offers customers self build options with their huts for those who enjoy the DIY aspect of putting their own shepherd's hut together. Will adds: ‘We continue to offer our self build options for those who enjoy the hands on experience of creating their own hut, and all of the huts will have highest possible quality of craftsmanship applied to them. We are meticulous about attention to detail in every aspect of our service, from design to personal delivery. The foundation of our shepherd huts is our signature piece exquisite solid oak chassis and we love to create these. Our metal hut chassis have been specifically designed to form a solid basis for our huts - so whichever choice customers make, they are assured a sound investment.


‘We also use local businesses in Somerset or Devon where possible. For example, our metal work is second to none. The cast iron wheels and turntable are cast at a small local foundry using time-honoured techniques. Our handmade stub axles and draw bar are lovingly fabricated by our team of traditional craftsmen.


‘For our interiors, Blackdown always uses the highest quality materials and fittings as standard - we do not skimp on things you cannot see. We would much rather explain the price of quality than have to apologise for anything less. We look forward to 2017 and creating our next 48 huts for our commercial and residential customers.'


Will Vickery started Blackdown Shepherd Huts to create an innovative product and over the past five years he has designed them as luxury living spaces that include uses as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices and saunas.



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