LOCTITE to be at HILLHEAD 2022, Buxton 21– 23 June
HILLHEAD 2022, Buxton 21– 23 June
Stand PC27

At Hillhead 2022, Henkel will appear under the name of its leading brand - LOCTITE® - to emphasise its expertise in engineering adhesives and functional coatings that prevent or rectify problems associated with wear, abrasion, erosion, corrosion and mechanical damage. The company will also be introducing latest generation developments across its LOCTITE product programme with notable new additions to its conveyor belt repair, anti-slip coating and wear-resistant material ranges.

Vibrational loosening, leakage and corrosion between threaded parts compromises machine efficiency and can lead to early failure and expensive downtime. Prevention is easy with LOCTITE thread lockers that are available in a range of viscosities and strengths, from semi-permanent wicking products to low strength formulations that are removable with standard hand tools.

Liquid gasketing will also be highlighted at Hillhead – an adhesive technology that plays many vital roles in harsh working environments. LOCTITE products are self-forming gaskets whose performance and longevity is far greater than that of traditional sealing systems such as pre-cut gaskets. They create a perfect seal between components, with maximum face-to-face contact, eliminating the possibility of flange face corrosion.

LOCTITE protective coatings are proven for restoring worn surfaces and extending part life of new, as well as old, parts. The most recent introduction to this range is LOCTITE PC 9021, an epoxy system for backing wear metal in gyratory and cone crushers. The product eliminates the need for traditional melting or special equipment and has low water absorption. Its high volumetric stability eliminates the formation of gaps between backing and liners or support structures, allowing for a fast return to service.

The latest development is LOCTITE PC 7352, a versatile, two-part, trowelable compound that can be used as a gap filler, repair and sealing paste, coating or even for rebuilding applications. The product rapidly cures at ambient temperatures to a tough and resilient adhesive, making it an excellent choice for on-site tasks.

Henkel’s LOCTITE polyurethane technology is highly effective for the running repair of conveyor belts and rubber parts such as liners in mills, pumps, feeding bowls, hoppers and chutes. These adhesive compounds are suitable for an exceptionally wide range of applications, even those in the most hostile environments. They are available from highly rigid grades to those that are extremely flexible.

Also featured at Hillhead will be two new, non-slip coatings to reduce accidents in the workplace. LOCTITE PC 6262 is available in grey and yellow and LOCTITE PC 6315 is black. Both are solvent free, two-part epoxies that are applied with a roller or trowel to create an extremely durable surface that withstands heavy vehicular traffic.

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