NEW KHK R Series Pinion Has Superior Compatibility With Speed Reducers

Now available in the UK from R.A. Rodriguez (U.K.) Limited is the new KHK R series pinion for speed reducers. The new pinion is not only ideal for Nabtesco GH series gearhead reducers, but provides superior compatibility with flanged speed reducers from a host of leading OEMs.

A myriad of different industrial machines and systems require speed reducers, where selecting the optimal pinion often proves challenging. However, this task is now inherently simpler thanks to the KHK R series, which offers perfect harmony with the servos of gearhead reducers. As a result, a wide range of machine building projects can benefit; everything from gantry-style robots through to pipe benders, offshore equipment and large machinery used in the print and packaging industry.

In particular, the R series is highly compatible with GH series gearhead reducers from Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH – part of the Nabtesco Group – for which R. A. Rodriguez is also the UK distributor. Users can select the R series for Nabtesco GH7, GH17, GH24, GH40 and GH100 models. Nabtesco cycloidal gearheads enable reduction in ratios from 30:1 to more than 300:1 without any of the additional pre-stages necessary when using standard planetary gears.

The KHK R series pinion is available in Module 3-6 (10-20 circular pitch) and manufactured from S45C carbon steel or SCM440 chrome-molybdenum alloy steel. All teeth are induction-hardened and ground to accuracy class JIS N7/N6. Four mounting hub diameters are available (common to all speed reducers): 24, 32, 47 and 60 mm.

As a point of note, the R series catalogue number is composed of the base SSG ground spur gear + R + the mounting hub diameter. The KHK SSG series of ground spur gears is available in Module 0.5-10 and manufactured from S45C carbon steel. These gears have been hardened and ground with a good balance of accuracy, wear resistance and cost.

KHK’s R series is ready-made to fit without the need for further machining. However, if required, secondary operations are possible for all features, with the exception of the teeth.


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