TRUMPF UK 2020/2021 Year End Report


 Despite the coronavirus pandemic spanning its complete financial year from July 2020 to June 2021, TRUMPF Limited - based in Luton - considers the outcome successful.  Sales worth £40 million were achieved and although this figure was below 2019-2020 it was, nevertheless, above initial expectations.

 The closure and short time working of many businesses across the industry created uncertainty which resulted in a substantial reduction of incoming orders in the second and third quarters of 2020. However, the final quarter of 2020 proved to be strong which enabled the sales revenue for the fiscal year to surpass forecast and lay the foundations for continued recovery and growth.

 It was a particularly successful year for TRUMPF's premium punching machine, TruPunch 5000, with a high level of orders including advanced automation and storage systems connected.

 During the year TRUMPF Limited expanded and enhanced its product range.  Notable introductions included new versions of the TruLaser 1000 and TruLaser 3000 machines which now have more options, flexibility and laser power coupled with competitive pricing.  These attributes strengthen TRUMPF's 2D laser cutting range and the company's market positioning.

 The new TruLaser Tube 3000 machine has been introduced to the market at a particularly competitive price level. When coupled with the quick and flexible programming software, TruTops Tube, it becomes a highly efficient and productive system.  

 TRUMPF's strength in metal 3D laser printing is also growing in the UK and Ireland with the introduction of the new TruPrint 2000. This is complimented by the updated TruPrint 3000 machine which now includes the option of a 500Watt laser with twin process head technology.