TGB961 TRUMPF at the Battery Technology Show 2021

 Battery Technology Show - Stand # 30

26 & 27 October 2021, Ricoh Arena, Coventry

 TRUMPF offers solutions for different fields of technology

TRUMPF lasers are at the centre of many e-mobility manufacturing solutions. It connects battery cells into modules or packs. It ensures tightness and crash safety when joining battery packs and trays. It scores highly thanks to its green wavelength when copper welding contact parts without spatter, and it provides high-tensile connections in e-drives which withstand the highly dynamic requirements.

The worldwide mobility transition is in full swing. The demand for components for electric cars and alternative drives is rising continually. Particularly high-performance components directly involved in the production of batteries, electric motors and power electronics for electromobility are at the centre. More and more companies, predominately automotive suppliers, are also demanding new manufacturing solutions and technologies for alternative drive concepts, including the fuel cell. TRUMPF provides in-depth advice to its customers and facilitates new procedures.

In the construction of electric cars today, almost only electrolyte-supported lithium-ion batteries are used.  Up to now, alternative combinations such as solid-state batteries or other chemical components have not yet reached the industrial maturity required.  Three types of formats of lithium-ion batteries are used in electromobility.  The functioning principle is essentially the same in all types.  The main differences are in the design, requirements and materials used. 

Applications for TRUMPF lasers used within the manufacturing process of battery cells include:

Welding busbars, cutting battery foils, welding battery foils, welding can-caps, module housing, cleaning and structuring using lasers, laser marking components and other welding applications in the battery cell. 

More information of the TRUMPF product portfolio for battery production will be available on the show stand at the Battery Technology Show, 26-27 October, Ricoh Arena, Coventry or visit the TRUMPF website for more information: 

E-mobility | TRUMPF

Video link:TRUMPF: Ask the Expert - E-Mobility Li-battery contacting - YouTube