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Unexpected habits which promote the spread of lice.
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I wondered if you would be interested in advice and issues faced by head lice experts:

Eileen Hutchinson, Founder of NitNOT clinic and treatment serum (Facebook: @dropDEADheadlice ). Ian Burgess director of the Medical Entomology Centre, Insect Research & Development. I have written ideas on issues they can advise on:

  • The unexpected places which supply great opportunities for lice to spread.

  • Parents resorting to dangerous alternative natural treatments for lice. Vinegar can cause chemical burns, while Tea Tree oil can cause skin sensitisation and blistering. It is illegal in high concentrations of 10% or more for shelf products. Other dangerous remedies...

  • Eileen Hutchinson talks on treating men's beards, and festering head lice infestation of 10 years.

  • PTSD after fleeing domestic violence was the catalyst for opening a head lice clinic.

I would love it if there were any opportunities to feature, and I look forward to hearing back from you.

Kind Regards,

Anica Rosenberg

T: 07460741829 

Ian Burgess is the clinical authority on trials and tests for best practice in head lice eradication. Responsible for developing medical devices, cosmeceuticals, and biocidal products for control or elimination of ectoparasites and public health pests.

Eileen Hutchinsons NitNOT clinic and Anti Head Lice Serum was borne out of her frustrations as a mum with the range of chemical-based nit treatments available. Most medications still use insecticides, solvents, and perfumes, which can cause a reaction, and smell unpleasant, together with being potentially harmful.

NitNOT's serum is the only non-toxic, hypoallergenic, pure mineral oil solution to head lice. It is also the only treatment endorsed by the British Association of Professional Nannies (BAPN) and used with 100% effectiveness in the NitNOT clinic.