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Tecna Display celebrates stunning second Queen's Award for Enterprise

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21st April 2018


Tecna Display celebrates stunning second Queen's Award for Enterprise

Exhibition and display specialist manufacturer Tecna Display is celebrating beingawarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise for a second time, having received the first in 2012.

Tecna Display was awarded the accolade for outstanding achievement in the category of international trade.

The award represents the highest honour that a UK business can receive. They are awarded annually on the Queen's birthday. 

Jonathan Evitt, Managing Director of Tecna Display, said: "The Queen's Award is a huge honour and we are absolutely delighted to have it for a second time for our achievements in international trade. We were the first company in the display and exhibition systems industry to ever win a Queen's Award, which shows what an achievement it was"

Tecna Display is a world leader in the supply of high-quality portable and modular displays and its T3product ranges have been granted numerous International Patents and Design Registrations worldwide. The company also holds the ISO 9001 quality standard and sets great store on using the highest quality materials and best practise manufacturing techniques.

"Since receiving that first award we have significantly increased our presence in both the US and Europe and our export turnover has been growing significantly year on year. We now sell into 28 countries and they sell into a further 12, so we are now active in 40 countries. Exports comprise about 65% of our turnover and are increasing.

"We have added two new products to the portfolio which are creating a great deal of interest - the Affinity and Litebox systems, which build on the proven success of the our T3 ‘twist n' lock' system. We also had our audit for the new ISO quality certification this year and passed with flying colours."       

Rick Olson of Olson Visual, based in Los Angeles, has distributing T3 products from Tecna Display in the US for the last four years. "We order every month from Tecna because we continue to develop markets that find our products compelling," he said. "T3 has given us the ability to compete with much larger exhibition and event firms,winning contractswith innovative and efficient products that take less time to produce, ship and assemble."

Display company Deleage based in Elancourt, France, has also been working as a distributor for Tecna Display since2014. Its founder, Virginie de Neuville, said: "Our customers regularly congratulate us on our productions with the T3 system. It has greatly increased the demand for modular construction in the field of stand or events, which has therefore increased turnover and allowed us to make additional sales.

"Also, thanks to our commercial contact who speaks French and Tecna's responsiveness, the international link is very easy for us."

Zdenko Sudek, director at T3 Works, a distributor in Slovakia, says that the quality and innovation inherent in the T3 system has also helped two of its clients win awards, for the best stand in the Gastro Exhibition in Graz, Austria 2015 and the Fashion Exhibition in Trencin, Slovakia 2017. He said: "Offering T3 has changed our business into a unique company in the market. It is the best modular system in the world and that helps to sell this product to our clients." As a European distributor for the T3 system, Zdenko says that there's a great level of cooperation with Tecna, with a team of real professionals. "Their product and its continuous development are what makes Tecna different from other international suppliers."

Innovation and investments moving forwards

Evitt says that the company is once again using this award to help drive its work moving forward globally. "We are investing heavily in both time and money in the US market and we now have an office in Las Vegas, the centre of the US exhibition and conference industry. We are also investing in European exhibitions and will be present at four this year.

"We have been working on incorporating the latest industry trends into our new product innovations and offerings. Virtual reality, projection mapping and LED screens are all becoming an important part of the display industry and we can incorporate all these visual technologies into our users displays easily. We have even been able to include curved LED screens into displays as we are one of the only companies that can produce curved walls to match the LED curve. This introduction has really secured T3 products as future proof solutions."

"No company can afford to stand still, it's always onward and upward for Tecna Display."

For information on Tecna Display's T3 system go to, or call 0208 803 4469.

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Photo caption: Tecna Display and Olson Visual stand at Exhibitor Live 2018, Las Vegas 

About Tecna Display

Tecna Display is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of high quality, modular display systems.

Our various product systems are designed to be ideally suited and to provide the ultimate solution for every display need.  from dynamic exhibition environments, to immersive retail and point of sale displays, to fun and interactive pop up stalls and events stands and even technology and education driven museum and conferences sets.

All our display frameworks are designed and created with the ideals that our motto TWIST - LOCK - CONNECT stands for: tool free assembly, easy storage and transportation, unlimited flexibility and versatility, continuous innovation and unrivalled service.

With a representative T3 distributor in over 40 countries around the world, we have established ourselves as the ultimate partner for the exhibition and display industry.


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