Update on schools opening in Cardiff tomorrow - issued Sunday, March 18

Cardiff Council is advising schools that the city is not facing a similar level of disruption caused by snow two weeks ago and so most schools should be able to open as normal tomorrow. 

The final decision on whether to close or open, however, sits with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors. Therefore parents are advised to check for updates from their school via their usual communications channels. 

School transport is expected to be fully operational, although there could potentially be some slight changes to normal arrangements for special schools. Schools and parents will be contacted separately should there be a need for changes to be made. 

Road temperatures are expected to rise during the day and the snow will clear from most roads, with the exception of lanes on higher ground. 

The road network is open but drivers should take care in the snow conditions. 

Temperatures will fall later this evening with gritting continuing this evening and tonight. 

Roads that have not been treated with salt will have ice early in the morning, so care should be taken on the early morning commute. Road temperatures will rise during the day removing the ice hazard on these roads. 

A Yellow Warning is currently in place for Cardiff, and the latest update the council has received from the Met Office is as follows: 

" general the area of persistent snow will slowly move away to the west during the course of this morning allowing some improvement in conditions during the course of the afternoon. However, some light snow will still be possible during the afternoon and evening. A dry night is expected to follow but with the potential for ice to form where there is any limited snow melt this afternoon. A dry day on Monday with less cold conditions and some sunshine will allow much of the snow to thaw except in some higher lying communities where the thawing process may take a few days." 

In light of the advice that the situation will improve during the course of the afternoon, and that conditions will vary from area to area, schools have been advised to make their own assessments, in order to come to a decision about safe opening and operation, in line with published procedures.