Theatre group bring history of Flat Holm Island to life


A theatre company from Porth will be entertaining visitors to Flat Holm Island with an interactive show that brings the unique heritage of the island to life.


This Saturday members of Spectacle Theatre will play out the stories of figures including Guglielmo Marconi and George Kemp, provide an insight into Flat Holm during the Second World War and recount myths that have surrounded the island for centuries.


From the beauty of the incredible flora and fauna, to the eerie presence of Victorian barracks and wartime bunkers, Flat Holm's unique heritage will be revealed by a cast of fascinating characters.


Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Recycling and Environment, Cllr Michael Michael said: "Flat Holm Island has such a rich history and I think it's great that actors from Spectacle Theatre are bringing the past to life in this imaginative way. Marconi and Kemp transmitted the first wireless signals over open sea from the island in 1897. The Morse Code message simply read ‘Are you ready?' Well, I urge everybody to be ready for this theatrical tour of a jewel in the Bristol Channel. You certainly won't be disappointed."


It all starts with a thrilling RIB boat ride from Cardiff Bay at 10:15am and a further theatrical tour is also scheduled for Saturday 15 July.


Tickets for this tour are £34 for adults and £24 for children. All children must be over the age of 7 and a height of 1.1m. Book your tickets now call 07393 470476. For more information,