Headteacher unveils Cardiff West Community High School badge

Mr Martin Hulland provides an update as work progresses towards opening the new school in September. 

I am delighted to announce that, following detailed and wide ranging consultation, the following design has been chosen for the Cardiff West Community High School badge:


I want to thank everyone who took the time to get in touch with us during the consultation on the three design options that we put forward. 

For the school it is more than just a badge, it represents our ethos, gives us an identity and marks another major step towards the school opening in September. 

The chosen badge has been inspired by the area, celebrating the rich heritage of the school site and representing the brand new, pathfinder Cardiff West Community High School. 

The four icons have been taken from significant periods of the area's history. The horse represents the former site of Ely Racecourse and symbolises spirit and freedom. 

The Roman helmet and shield shape of the badge acknowledges the Roman villa at the site and conveys a sense of safety and security. 

The Celtic Knot references the nearby Celtic hill fort and the large number of oak trees in Trelai Park, next to the new site for the school. There are many different types of Celtic Knot, and this one is known as a ‘Dara Knot', chosen for the badge as it is based on the strong roots of an oak tree and represents strength, wisdom and longevity. 

Finally, symbolising all things Welsh, the dragon places the school nationally as significant in a progressive, confident and ambitious Wales. 

Now that the badge has been chosen, we are also able to develop the school branding. The badge will be adapted for use as a logo in a variety of ways, including on a new website, school signage and stationery. 

The uniform design is also progressing really well and I can share the latest images with you here, with more details to follow over the coming weeks as the design is finalised:



For me it is massively important to work with, and to listen to as many people as possible, working together to create a school we can all be proud of. 

We're currently putting together the arrangements for two open evenings, planned to be held on the 5thand 6thJuly at the Michaelston Glyn Derw Federation, where we will share the latest news about the work to open Cardiff West Community High School and show more of the uniform. 

The open evenings will be held in the school hall between 5pm and 6pm.