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Simple, Safe, Sound - DrugCheck 3000


Simple, safe, sound
Improved Dräger DrugCheck®3000 quick drug test

Blyth -With the compact Dräger DrugCheck 3000 quick drug test, a sixth drug substance class is now also detectable: Benzodiazepines. The test kit now delivers reliable test results in an even faster, cost-effective and uncomplicated way. The saliva-based drug test can be used anywhere and requires no additional equipment. Furthermore, the use of DrugCheck 3000 is tamper-proof and hygienic.

Dräger DrugCheck 3000 has two components: A sampler for collecting the saliva and a test cassette for analysis. The test cassette contains a buffer fluid and window with two test strips, where the control and test lines appear. The test consists of three easy steps: Collect the saliva sample, shake the test kit, and start the test after a brief waiting period.

Quick and clear assessment
DrugCheck 3000 simultaneously tests for up to six substance classes: cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines and cannabis (THC). In the event of a negative test result, a line will appear next to each relevant class of substances (drugs). This means that the sample contains none of the substances which were being tested for. If no line appears next to a substance class, the result is positive. As soon as the control lines appear in the window, the user can read the results.

Sensitive analysis
Of the substance classes tested, cannabis is the most frequently consumed drugs containing the active ingredient that is hardest to detect (THC). Dräger has thus improved DrugCheck 3000 for detecting THC and now offers two measurement options: quick or sensitive. The entire test procedure only lasts three to four minutes depending on the selected THC limit value (15 or 25 ng/mL).

Decades of experience
Dräger has decades of experience with alcohol measurement technology and drug detection procedures. For DrugCheck 3000, Dräger uses the test principle of the proven DrugTest 5000 system, which can reliably detect even the smallest amounts of THC.

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