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Test Ultime - T-lab t-shirt latest. Get in touch for spring samples.

Test Ultime - T-lab t-shirt latest. Get in touch for spring samples.



Here's our latest t-shirt for motorsport fans for spring 17. Hope your readers would be interested?

Test Ultime
Test Ultime (Ultimate Test) is our tribute to the institution that is the Circuit de Monaco.

If it was built today it would be seen as unsuitable for F1 racing, with its steep changes in elevation, tight corners, narrow track and no run-off areas. It as often described as the Ultimate Test of an F1 driver, or as Nelson Picquet put it ‘like trying to ride a bicycle around your living room'.

Despite (or perhaps because of) all this, the Circuit de Monaco remains a firm favourite with F1 fans, with its palpable aura of history, glamour and excitement.

Two colour screen print onto navy 100% cotton shirt.
Available as small, medium, large and xl.

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