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Press release: Clear, rear vision for your horse box or trailer, wire free



Press release: 17thJanuary 2017 

Clear, rear vision for your horse box or trailer, wire free


The Journey 1 by Hyndsight Vision Systems is a lightweight, fully wire free camera and monitor unit that can be used to assist rear vision and manoeuvring when towing or driving any kind of trailer or horse box.

Hyndsight cameras can be mounted easily on any surface in seconds, no wiring is needed and a clear image with true depth of field is transmitted instantly making this system perfect for anyone that tows a trailer or drives a horse box. The system can also be easily set up to monitor your horse while in the stable or out in the paddock.

Supplied as a complete kit the Journey 1 includes: a wireless sunlight readable monitor, a wide angle camera with a non-fish-eyed view, two flush mounts, an antenna set and two chargers all in a protective case.

For those towing larger caravans, up to 3 additional cameras can be paired to one monitor allowing for a full 360° view. The monitor will work up to 500 metres away from the camera making this system suitable for any towing situation. The system runs on rechargeable batteries or it can be hardwired into a vehicle.

Key features:

4.8" sunlight readable monitor

Water resistant


Pair up to 4 Cameras per Monitor

Rechargeable batteries, or it can be hardwired

Totally Wireless with secure 2.4 GHz integration

Easily removed when not in use


Note to Editors:

Journey 1 $499.00 from Hyndsight Vision Systemswww.hyndsightvision.comUnits are sent direct from the UK.

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